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Welcome, visitor, to the world of the Dis-United Kingdom. A dark world set two hundred years in the future.

After the bloody and chaotic breakup of the Dis-United Kingdom anarchy reigned supreme and daily survival for each individual was never a guarentee but, rather, was hard fought and easily lost.

Then slowly small, fledgling states began to form in the ashes of the breakup of the United Kingdom and like tiny Phoenix's they each grew and became stronger and stability in each region grew.

But alas, the stability was never going to be long lived and tensions between neighbouring states grew as each vied for larger territories and greater control over the Dis-United Kingdom as it became known. Each state formed its own basic military forces mostly of militias and home defence units with whatever weaponry and hardware was still available at minimal cost.

Soon these forces became more and more professional as neighbour fought neighbour and the weaker states were rendered extinct their brief history wiped by their more powerful, successful neighbour and this continued and escalated up and down the lands. Eventually nine super states emerged, each with their own distinct military and an un-easy peace descended as each remaining state sized up its neighbour and took stock of all that had happened.

Now, 200 years on although an un-easy peace sits upon the land like a late snowfall in early spring, it is obvious that it is slowly melting and war will soon erupt to decide who will ultimately re-unite the Dis-United Kingdom.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Let There Be...Well Everything!

This is just a few rambling ideas that I have been mulling over in my head regarding my little sci-fi world/project. The first thing is, how much I am enjoying it, and how easy getting on with the painting is at the mo (more pictures soon!). I havent enjoyed a wargames project as much as this for quite sometime and 15mm sci-fi allows me to explore my quirky ideas about wargaming and try new things all in the same project. I cant wait to get a few units together for a first solo game/tester scenario, for which I have many ideas.

The second thing is, scratch building my own terrain which I dont think I have done since I was in my early teens! Off to some hobby stores this weekend as I have just been paid and its my first days off in twelve days and my first weekend off in 2 weeks (camping trip!). I already have lots of ideas for terrain pieces that I need for this project as well.

Turdly (Irish), in the Dis-United Kingdom not only are there nine super states to buy, paint and build armies for but there will be rebel territories and therefore land grabs etc by the super states with semi-professional rebel troops, roaming militias and mercenaries, pirates and armed bandits- "hang on lads, I've got an idea, all we need is some guns and some knives. Knives are good cos they're silent..." But now I'm thinking of ways to work zombies in- which should be raltively easy- mutant strain of a "rage" virus is prevalent in certain areas of a semi-apocalyptic landscape that is the Dis-United Kingdom etc etc. And then theres the bugs, the beasties and the aliens such as the space demons as sold by Khurasan (business temporarily on hold). The bugs and beasties would be easy to create stories for. Mutants that grew up in the abandoned toxic wastelandsof the Dis-United Kingdom and evolved into an intelligent sentient lifeform on a much larger scale. The aliens, however, are proving slightly more difficult. Unless they were aslepp underground all along and the drastic 'heating up' of the Earth's atmosphere brought about conditions that allowed the dormant aliens to return to the Earth's surface from their hybernation and boy are they hungry. Then there's the abandoned British space colonists of the British Space Expeditionary and Explorartion Service (BSEE). At the moment all contact has been lost since the dark days erupted in the former United Kingdom, the explorers and colonists abandoned to their fates by an anrchic Britain that has more or less forgotten them in their struggle for survival!

So there we have it, let there be everything...totally awesome and I cant wait to continue this. This is sooo much fun!

What's On- Next Blog: Hopefully stage by stage photographs of me painting the AT teams in what I have dubbed the 'MarsGas' pattern camo. Also probably some more general musings and more solid back ground story. So lots going on- stay tuned.

Toodaloo for now


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