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Welcome, visitor, to the world of the Dis-United Kingdom. A dark world set two hundred years in the future.

After the bloody and chaotic breakup of the Dis-United Kingdom anarchy reigned supreme and daily survival for each individual was never a guarentee but, rather, was hard fought and easily lost.

Then slowly small, fledgling states began to form in the ashes of the breakup of the United Kingdom and like tiny Phoenix's they each grew and became stronger and stability in each region grew.

But alas, the stability was never going to be long lived and tensions between neighbouring states grew as each vied for larger territories and greater control over the Dis-United Kingdom as it became known. Each state formed its own basic military forces mostly of militias and home defence units with whatever weaponry and hardware was still available at minimal cost.

Soon these forces became more and more professional as neighbour fought neighbour and the weaker states were rendered extinct their brief history wiped by their more powerful, successful neighbour and this continued and escalated up and down the lands. Eventually nine super states emerged, each with their own distinct military and an un-easy peace descended as each remaining state sized up its neighbour and took stock of all that had happened.

Now, 200 years on although an un-easy peace sits upon the land like a late snowfall in early spring, it is obvious that it is slowly melting and war will soon erupt to decide who will ultimately re-unite the Dis-United Kingdom.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Future's Bright, The Future's Wine Stain

Well, I used x1 pack (8 figures) of Ground Zero Games NAC Command Comms figures to test out potential colour schemes for the 1st Sqdn. Fenland Air Assault Regiment. The results are as the pictures. However, my original thoughts on the colour scheme was for a sky blue and white overall scheme but this has now changed and changed dramatically. Seven of the eight figures were painted using slightly different techniques and colour schemes but with the sky blue colour scheme. However, the eighth figure was done in a completely different colour and I love it. So therefore this will now be the colour scheme for the 'Flying Frogs'! This is why I love 15mm Sci-Fi- its my story and its pink if i want it to be! Cos real men, afeared of nothing, can wear pink!

The wine stain camo on the kneeling figure in the background is the colour scheme for the 'Flying Frogs'.

The various sky blue squaddies surround the kneeling pink figure, ignoring the sneers, the pinky puts pay to a rebel camp by calling in UAV Gunships. The female figure (right, foreground) warms to the dashing young man and his peacock daring!

They assemble around him to view the new pattern camo!

Rear view of the various sky blue themed squaddies.

Rear view of pinky surrounded by the blues!

And there we have it, the new choice for the gentleman of war in the Dis-United Kingdom. The vehicles will also be similarly themed- awesome!

So what do people think? Is pink the new red or black? Let me know if you prefer one of the blues or the pinky?

Toodaloo for now


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  1. Can't say that pink would be my choice, but I am sure it can be pulled off...somehow.

    Can't wait to see more!